How F.I.T. Is Your Organization?

Joe's_store_in_Lake_Stevens,_2009Organizations, like people, are organic entities in a state of constant flux. They can be out of shape, incredibly fit, or somewhere in between. When was the last time you looked into the mirror of your organization? Did you see a vibrant culture with enthusiastic employees, or a stagnant organization that has difficulty adapting to change?

Organizational F.I.T.ness is a state of being for your organization. It is the degree to which your organization is doing well in a variety of areas, from culture and strategic planning, to staff relationships and customer service. My new book, “Get F.I.T. Go Far: 15 Things Leaders Absolutely Must do to Increase Organizational Performance,” is about helping organizations take action and create a level of F.I.T.ness that you are excited about, and that will keep your organization healthy for years to come.

What is F.I.T.? Every organization needs to plan for the Future, create an Identity, and build a Team. The degree to which an organization does these things well will determine their level of F.I.T.ness. So how F.I.T. is your organization now?

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