What Can Leaders Learn From a Tooth Fairy!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being the Emcee for a Hallowe’en fundraising event. There was a great crowd there, including many young children, and most  people were dressed up in costume. The venue was decorated magnificently with all sorts of unusual items to scare and intrigue the guests.

There was a professional juggler, a balloon man, a Zumba lady, a terrific buffet dinner, and an excellent band! It was because of the band that I first noticed the little blonde girl who was dressed up in an adorable tooth fairy costume.

As Emcee, I had the luxury of including pretty much anything I wanted to to during the evening, so I decided to run a couple of dance contests. The second contest was a “punk” contest, in other words, dancers could do pretty much anything they wanted on the dance floor, but they had to stand out from all the other dancers. I picked a married couple to judge this particular contest.

Now, I should add, that as an organizational consultant, speaker and author, specializing in leadership, I often look at the world through these filters. As the band kicked into the tune, and the dance contest began, my eyes scanned the participants, and I was immediately drawn to Ms. Tooth Fairy. As I watched her I realized I was witnessing a young girl who was exhibiting wonderful leadership skills!

First of all, she danced with pure joy and as if it were her last moment on earth and she was going to enjoy it to the fullest! Second, she had the biggest smile on her face which brightened up the dimly lit room. Third, her enthusiasm was infectious as she danced near and around others and it made them even more animated than they were before. Fourth, she had the wherewithal (I’m talking about a girl who was probably 8 years old here!) to give the band positive re-inforcement by pumping her fist and kind of bowing to them in gratitude.

If that wasn’t enough, when she discovered that she had been chosen as the winner of the contest, I presented her with a prize. It was a big box and pretty heavy, a little unwieldy,  so she brought it back to her table first, then ran back to me at full speed and gave me a big, wonderful hug.

Folks, what would your workplace be like if your organizational  leaders took lessons from this Tooth Fairy? Coming to work with a smile on their face everyday, making the most out of every minute, inspiring others to do the same, being totally authentic and comfortable in their own  skin, and finally, to show everyone in the organization gratitude for the work they  do, and the people they are.

Ms. Tooth Fairy, I would work in your company any day of the week…