Monday Matters! So…Chocolate AGAIN…Or???

So…Chocolate Again…or???

Welcome to the 1st edition of  ” Monday Matters,” because Monday does matter, and things do happen on Monday. In this blog, I’ll be writing about the things that matter to me, and hopefully, to some of you as well.

In 1945,  Irvine Robbins opened his first ice cream store in Glendale, California. The store featured 21 flavors of high quality ice cream served in a fun-filled atmosphere, and customers could taste the flavors beforehand. In 1946, Burt Baskins did the same thing in Pasadena, CA. By 1948, the two had 6 stores between them, and by 1949, 40 stores in Southern California. Finally, in 1953, the company incorporated the Baskin & Robbins name and logo with the famous “31”  which stood for having a new flavor for every day of the month.

The B & R story is one I think we should all look more closely at when it comes to our personal and our professional lives. How do we incorporate variety into the way we speak, train, manage, or sell products, for example? And how about into our relationships with our spouses and partners? How do we make sure to include the fun factor in our keynotes and training sessions, even if the material is dry or serious? How do we give customers the opportunity to “try us out”  before they buy or sign on the dotted line? And how do we insure that our products and our performances are of high quality on a consistent day-to-day basis?

B & R is the largest ice cream chain in the world. They must be doing something right!

Have a great day because it truly MATTERS!

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