Monday Matters! Top 9 Things Youth Want From Their Employer!

The Top 9 Things Youth Want From Their Employer!

I bet you’re thinking money right? Or lots of time off. Or…what? Having been around and working with young people (Generation Y) for so long, I’ve learned a thing or two from them. And one of the most important things I have learned, is NEVER to underestimate them!

A few years ago, I put together a project looking at Gen Y in the workplace here in Southern Alberta. I talked to well over 300 young people, mainly high school students, and gathered information from over 100 employers. The objective was to see what was going on in reality with respect to stereotypes in the workplace, what motivates young people, what employers are looking for when they hire young people, why young people will work for certain employers and not others, etc.

The results were somewhat surprising from the point of view of older generations’ expectations of how they thought young people viewed the world of work. They described Gen Y as “lost,” “spoiled,” “entitled,” “lazy,” “unfocused,” and a number of other non-endearing adjectives. What the results from the project showed however, were that young people were anything but those.

Here is one example. These are the top 9 things Gen Y wanted from an employer in the order of importance based on their answers. Let me know if your answers would be any different!

1) Respect

2) Trust

3) Money

4) Understanding

5) Independence

6) Equality

7) Appreciation

8) Patience

9) Honesty

Want to find out more? Check out this DVD I put together on the project:

Have a fantastic Monday and let me know what “matters” to you!