Monday Matters! What’s Love Got To Do With It???

Some of you are aware that Valentine’s Day is coming up. If you’re not, and you’re in a relationship, here’s your slap in the face wake up call! For me, while I don’t celebrate VDay, I do think about love, and love leads me to thinking about passion! And one of the things I associate passion with is career!

Now you may not be aware of the fact that approximately 50% of the people that work in this country hate their job! Yes, FIFTY percent! So it’s you or the person standing next to you! Look at him or her. Which one of you is it? If it’s you, then pay attention! If it’s not you, show this to the person standing next to you, and tell them to pay attention!

If you don’t love your work, aren’t passionate about it, then you need to leave it! YES, you NEED to LEAVE it! You’re doing no one in your entire world any good by being miserable. In fact, you are doing yourself, all those that love you, and the world at large a great disservice! You are spreading negative energy around in the way you carry yourself, and you’re metaphorically  “kicking your dog” when you get home.

When was the last time you did some research about work? There are so many new and interesting opportunities out there that you haven’t even heard about. But you’re lazy aren’t you? Or “comfortable” in your misery. Or, maybe, just maybe, you have no idea what your passion is. So here’s your tip for the week. This comes from relationship guru David Deida.

Sit in a room by yourself and just be. Then let things come to you, in terms of what you might do for work. But the trick is you CANNOT get up (unless it’s for food, bathroom, sleep) until what you’re thinking about is SO powerful for you that you can’t NOT get up and go do it!

THAT’S your passion! And it MATTERS! Tina Turner agrees…