Monday Matters! “People Litter-ally Don’t Give a Damn!”

So in my little town, we have a little post office, and in that post office, on any given day, one can be treated to a floor full of litter, as depicted in the photo. That is to say, that folks will deposit their flyers and junk mail right on the floor because the post office removed the large garbage bins where we used to be able to discard that stuff.

We didn’t recycle it before mind you. We  just threw it in the garbage bins to get rid of it! It was convenient for us to do that, and of course, we didn’t ask for the flyers and junk mail in the first place, so we feel justified to get rid of it in any way we choose. Then the post office decided that they were’t in the garbage business, and they’re certainly not in the recycling business, so they removed the bins.

I think people feel that now they are justified for throwing the flyers and junk mail on the floor because they are rebelling against the post office’s decision to remove the bins! It’s a classic power struggle and of course the folks who made the decision to remove the bins are probably far removed from the day-to-day operations of this establishment.

So what is actually going on here? Why are people deliberately doing this when they know the effort is futile, and, at best, they might get the bins back, so they can dump all that stuff in the landfill instead of recycle it? Are we talking sheer laziness? Stupidity? Stubborn Mules?

Personally, I think this is a golden opportunity for us to be THANKFUL to Canada Post for MAKING us recycle! Now I take those flyers and junk mail and simply stick them with the other paper products that I recycle. That’s a good thing! So all you people, and you know who I’m talking about, GIVE IT A REST AND DO THE RIGHT THING!!!