Monday Matters! “Vuja – De! Seriously…”

I was very fortunate to be in the audience to hear Simon T. Bailey speak at my regular Canadian Association of Professional Speakers meeting on the weekend. Mr. Bailey has an incredible story of emerging from his roots in virtual poverty to be an up and coming executive at Walt Disney Studios, only to walk away from it all to follow his passion, which was to speak and train others to follow theirs! He is now a world famous speaker, entrepreneur, author, and member of the Brillionaire’s Club, “…a community of unstoppable individuals engaged in realizing a vibrant future for themselves and others.”

What Simon did was create a massive shift in his thinking, a “vuja-de,” as he coins it, and has since written a book about it. This concept is significantly different than a “deja-vu,”  which is essentially a “been there-done that” term that does little for us other then to cause us some consternation around whether or not we really did experience a particular moment in time once before in our lives.


Vuja De, on the other hand, is an opportunity to create a vision and intention for ourselves, so instead of been here and done that, it’s I am here and I WILL do THAT! A shift, meaning simply, to change. What can we shift in our lives? What do we have control over? What are we passionate about? What can we do TODAY to create that vision and that intention?

I struggle with this stuff sometimes. I know it makes great sense, and Simon is one of many who have been able to make it work for him in such a profound way. But even though I struggle, I’m not giving up, I’m NEVER giving up. So if you’re having hard times getting clarity in your life, that’s ok. Just keep on trucking. Something will eventually

If you’re still unclear about Deja Vu, this video should help…