Monday Matters! “Be Inspired!”

I am dedicating this week’s blog to friend and colleague Troy Payne who has a story and message that will inspire us all. He is now using his experience to teach others about the amazing gift of resiliency! Here’s a little bit of his story.


Inspirational Speaker and International Best Selling Author Troy Payne teams up with high school students in creating rock music with a message of healing. Aside from Sorrow is releasing their debut album; Out of the Darkness, into the Light.

The journey for ‘Out of the Darkness, into the Light’ began on ‘The Road to Resiliency’. This is the name of Troy’s keynote presentation and international bestselling book. Troy took the cards that life dealt him and turned them into opportunities to connect with and impact the lives of others. Abandoned, neglected, and abused as a child, his personal story of triumph over tragedy inspires people to overcome their adversities and find resilience. Music has been one of the tools he used to survive those painful years. Now he collaborates with high school students in performing rock concerts with a message called the ‘Rock’n Resiliency Projects’. As Troy gives his inspirational message of overcoming adversity, he and the band have been performing cover songs to compliment the storytelling. This has been a powerful way of teaching resilience.

Eventually the band no longer wanted to perform the songs of other artists and decided to begin writing their own music. Aside from Sorrow’s debut album release; Out of the Darkness, into the Light, is a consistent roots rock metal hybrid. Its primal sound depicts the struggles and adversities we are all faced with but also inspire hope, peace, and healing. Fans of Gun’s n Roses, Nickelback, and Pearl Jam will get into Aside from Sorrow. You can sample the entire album and even get a free song at