Monday Matters! “The World Owes Me, and It’s Burger King’s Fault!”

Entitlement – the fact of having a right to something, the amount to which a person has a right

I was reading a post in a LinkedIn group I belong to by a man who was telling his story of being highly skilled, educated and experienced, but currently unsuccessful in a rigorous job search. He felt that there was age discrimination going on as a major factor in not being able to find work. A number of  others commented on his post, many agreeing with him and sharing similar personal stories, while others encouraged him to not give up and keep trying.

I’m in the same age range as this man, also with lots of skills, experience and education, and I too, am looking for work beyond the consulting and other things that I do. And I too have been unsuccessful in my search. All this has led me to ponder the whole notion of “entitlement.” Reading between the lines of this man’s post, one would think that he felt he was entitled to a great job based on his past performance. It was like he put in his time, did everything he was supposed to do, and now he wanted the payoff!

Have you met anyone else like this? Have you ever been like this? It’s an interesting concept here in our Western culture where many of us feel the world owes us something. For what? Where does it say “do good things and I will pay you back” – The World. Not in my job description of life. I admit that I tell myself if I do good things, good things will happen. Well, bad things happen too, so there is no guarantee as far as I can tell.

So where does this notion of entitlement come from? You guessed it…Burger King and their “have it YOUR way” campaign years ago!

I believe we are entitled to complain, and that’s about it! And I don’t know about you, but complaining/whining/bitching/ ad nauseum hasn’t gotten me very far. What about you?

Apparently, entitlement has reached epidemic proportions!!!