Monday Matters! “What Is Time?”

A number of  music icons like Donna Summer and Robin Gibb have passed away recently, and those events led me to thinking about the concept of time. What is time? How much time do I have left in this physical world? How does the passing of time affect who I am and how I feel? How much time do I waste? When is the right time to do something new and different? What else can I really count on but time?

“Time is passing non-stop, and we follow it with clocks and calendars. Yet we cannot study it with a microscope or experiment with it. And it still keeps passing. We just cannot say what exactly happens when time passes.” Science Daily 2005

“We just cannot say what exactly happens with time.” Isn’t that an interesting thought? Seconds keep on ticking and we can’t stop them. Days come and go. Years pass by, and eventually we are back into the dust. I, for one., do NOT take time as seriously as I should. My time here is finite. I don’t know where or when it will happen, but there will be a time that I will no longer exist in this physical form.

So i”m taking the time now to ponder this notion and choose, yes, CHOOSE, how I spend my time. There is no one or nothing compelling me to waste time, spend time being idle and non-productive, ignore the passage of time, etc. It is ALL my CHOICE! The only time I have any control over is right NOW!

I choose to use my time to be productive, to be of service, to do the next right thing. What about you?

Pink Floyd knows what I’m talking about…