Monday Matters! “How to be a Great Facilitator in 40 Minutes…or Less!”

Some folks would rather die than get up in front of others and facilitate a workshop to gather requirements, solve a problem or recommend a course of action. Yet, many corporate employees find that facilitation is very much a part of their job, like it or not.

So what do they do? Without some research, experience, training or coaching, the activity can turn ugly for both the facilitator and the facilitated. We’ve all sat through those sessions where we felt that if it went on just a minute longer, we might be inclined to slash our wrists! This is not good.

What if that didn’t need to be the case? What if it were possible to become a GREAT facilitator? What if you could learn a few of the key techniques to GREAT facilitation in 40 minutes or less? What if having that information and utilizing those techniques helped remove the fear or frustration of facilitation?

It is possible! I will be presenting on this topic in Calgary this week but you folks who are reading this get a “special preview” of the content! Here are 10 tips to becoming a GREAT Facilitator!

1) BREATHE! Do NOT underestimate this simple yet powerful tip!

2) Use powerful images and few words in your PowerPoint presentations

3) Avoid using your Industry’s jargon….keep the language simple!

4) Communication – Pat attention to the formula: Verbal=7%, Para-Verbal=38%, Non-Verbal=55% – What you DON’T say and HOW you say things are more important than the actual words you use

5) Ask “Killer” questions…you’ll have to come to one of my sessions to find out what they may be…smiling

6) An Inch or a Mile? – When you’re given the opportunity to do something, DON’T settle for doing it in a safe, “small” way. Take the full mile and give it everything you have!

7) Retention – participants need to hear, see, read, demonstrate, practice and teach what they are learning in order to retain it.

8) Engage! _ How to engage your audience

9) Dealing with difficult participants – again, you’ll have to come see me live for the answers to this one

10) Humour! – Figure out how to incorporate humour into your facilitation or presentation…jokes, songs, videos, etc.

Good Luck!!!

Here’s a cool little video with some good tips…