Monday Matters! “Going With The Wind!”


I had the distinct pleasure of going to Atlanta, Georgia last week  to speak and participate at the National Career Development Association’s Annual Conference. The theme this year was “Building on the Dream!” The “dream” in this case is helping people find their passion, find what it is they can resonate with during their time on this Earth in terms of how they can contribute to make the world a better place through their career.

When over a 1,000 people from all over the world gather in one place with a common goal and purpose, there is a tremendous amount of energy that swirls through the conversations they engage in and sessions they attend. You really do get the feeling that anything is possible. So why can’t that feeling permeate through all our days and all our engagements with others?

I suppose there are many answers to the question, but if I can retain even some of that energy, some of that feeling that when we are working in our purpose, the world is somehow better off, I know I will be a better person. If I were to be totally honest with myself, I believe I know when I am in my purpose and when I am not. I can also feel the difference in myself when  I am in my purpose or not. I am more fun, more productive, more engaged, more conscious.

What about you? Are you in your purpose? If not, what can you do to figure out what it is and how to get there? There are always barriers that will get in our way and we must overcome them to live our purpose. The alternative is not good…

Here’s a little motivator from Dr. John Demartini;