“You’re The Worst EVER!” (How Failure Can Change Your Life – Part One)

Sometimes in life, it’s not success that defines us, but failure. How we choose to respond in these situations can have a tremendous impact on our lives. Here’s a story about one of my failures that changed my life forever….

I graduated from high school with a 53% average…and because of that, I was unable to go onto post secondary education, and believe me, after my experience in high school, I had no desire to. I hated school with every fibre of my being, which is why I became a teacher….I KNEW I could do a better job!

Besides, I always liked to work..I had been working since I was about 10, and I took a lot of pride in my work. My dad always said “Son, it doesn’t matter what you do in life, just as long as you do it well…” I think he invented that saying because I’ve heard it many times since, and it stuck. To this day, my work ethic is pretty solid and I always strive to do a great job.

I had been working in a couple of Ma & Pa discount stores in Montreal after high school, and as the 3rd party in each situation, I was deemed the store manager. I was having a pretty good time… lots of responsibility at work.. had my own little place, a downstairs bachelor apartment in NDG in Montreal….there was a chinese restaurant close enough for me to walk to late at night if I got the munchies, life was pretty good, and then at the age of 20, I got “the call.”

Phone rings…


“Herkelah! Is that you? It’s your brother-in-law! How arrrrrrrrrre youuuuuuu?”

“Gary?” Hey, I’m good thanks. This is a surprise. How are you?

“I am fantastic…I am EXCELLENT…I couldn’t be better… and I’ve got a hot proposition for you!”

“Really? What’s up?”

“I’m expanding into a totally new business…commercial real estate…and I want YOU to be my Main Man.”

“Me? You want Me? Ummmmm…Gary, what IS commercial real estate?”

“Ha ha…what a kidder! You know what a strip mall is right? Right, well, I’m going to build them, and YOU’RE going to find me tenants.”

“Gary, You’re crazyI have no experience doing this. I have no idea what to do!”

“Herkelah, I’ll pay you $500 a month, you can live at our house until you get on your feet, I’ll buy you a couple of suits because I know you don’t own any, and I’ll get you a car…..Whadda ya say?”

“ A Car? OK..I’m in….”

Tune in next week to see what happens……