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Does your organization need a good dose of FIT?  

Future * Identity * Team


Does your organization have a strategic plan to prepare for the future?

Is there a career development program in place so staff  know what career goals they are working towards?

Is your organization developing leaders for the future today?


Does your organization have a mission statement and a set of values that it operates from?

Can you identify what your organizational culture is?

Would the vast majority of your customers recommend you to others?


Is your team as productive as you would like them to be?

Does your team put customer service above all else in the workplace?

Does your team have fun in the workplace and get along with each other?

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How did you do? How FIT is your organization?

 All leaders in education, government, and business need effective skills to create and communicate the organizational vision and purpose, motivate and inspire staff to manifest that vision and purpose, and successfully plan for the future.

Lack of direction, ineffective communication and poor management practices contribute to self-doubt, discouragement and diminish employee and organizational potential. The bottom line is that an unfit organization usually provides poor customer service and this could lead to it’s demise.

On the other hand, encouragement, cooperation, building on strengths, excellent management practices, and a vision for the future will enhance workplace satisfaction and create organizational fitness. Herky can help your organization Get FIT today, so it can Go Far into the future!       

“The tools Herky shares are accessible, relevant, and most certainly CUTTING EDGE. Herky is not only engaging and inspiring but his sense of humor, creativity, and passion for his work bring life and meaning to the concepts he presents.

Paula Wischoff Yerama , Executive Director, Career Development Association of Alberta

With a background in business, education, and career development, Herky has helped groups from at-risk youth to at-risk organizations get back on track.  He has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources specializing in Organizational Development. He believes that everyone can develop the skills and attitudes to help their organization succeed.

Whether delivering a keynote, leading a workshop, conducting a training session, or facilitating a team building event, audiences describe Herky’s delivery as dynamic, engaging and entertaining.

If you’re looking for practical solutions, exceptional value, and fun at your next event, contact Herky today!


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