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This book will help leaders create more powerful organizations.

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This is not a book – it is a powerful tool that will transform your company.

Herky Cutler’s approachable style, keen observations, and sixth sense for business together create a powerful and engaging read.

Each compelling chapter examines real-life business blunders and successes to reveal the secrets behind what makes companies successful both now and long term. Cutler goes beyond anecdotal evidence, backing these discoveries with research and proving them through experience and results. Each section closes with specific, actionable steps you can apply to grow your leadership team and company to the next level.

A Peek at What You’ll Discover:

  • The New Way of Leadership and Why It Outperforms the Competition Every Time
  • Six Proven Ways to Engage Employees
  • How To Provide Exemplary Customer Service
  • How to Build a Highly Skilled and Engaged Team to Lead Your Company into the Future
  • The Two Ingredients Missing from Most Strategic Plans
  • The Little-Known Secret that Boosts Productivity by up to 400%

8 reviews for Get F.I.T. Go Far!

  1. hcutler

    I’m inspired – I love the energy, the straightforwardness, and the tips. I know Get F.I.T., Go Far will be one of the few business books that I’ll keep on my bookshelf and turn back to time and again. Written for the busy manager or executive, this book is easy to skim, but organized so that help for specific problems can quickly be found, right when you need it!

    I was personally impressed by Herky’s holistic approach to leadership, from looking at the inner lives and personal characteristics of leaders to the differences between the written and unwritten values of organizations. I appreciated the level of detail in his stories and how he integrated key facts from other respected authors with reports of his own action research projects.

    Herky isn’t just sharing what he believes to be true; rather, he has grounded many of those beliefs in the existing literature and confirmed some of them with original research.
    There are practical tips, tools, and tests throughout the book, along with inspiring quotes. Herky also includes stories from working in schools, small and medium-sized organizations, government-run organizations, and large multinationals. There is something in this book for every leader.

    Herky has much to teach us about how to lead our organizations more effectively.

    Dr. Roberta Neault, CCC, CCDP, GCDFi
    President, Life Strategies Ltd.
    Associate Dean, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Yorkville University

  2. hcutler

    Herky Cutler’s Get F.I.T. Go Far is a self-exploratory, organizational assessment and improvement, and team leadership book all wrapped up in one. This book is for you if you are ready to assess yourself, your team, your workplace, and are ready to make daring changes. You will be inspired to make fearless and informed decisions that will “help move the organization forward, build staff cohesiveness and foster outstanding customer service”.
    Get F.I.T. Go Far is filled with dozens of examples that illustrate what any leader can and must do to drive organizational performance.  Better yet, the comfortable, casual writing style of Herky Cutler allows his many years of experience to come together in a way that is both delightful to read and deep in wisdom. Whether you are new to your leadership role, carry years of leadership experience with you or are just curious about what it’s like to be a leader, you are guaranteed to find some gems that will make you glad you picked up this book!

    David Gouthro, CSP, professional facilitator, provocateur

  3. hcutler

    There is always pressure on teams and organizations to perform and maximize profits and there are countless books on the subject. Herky’s book addresses a much more important issue…the health and fitness of the group and how vital that is to success. I love that it’s written with a focus on the person not just profits because they are the most important cog in the machinery.

    Alvin Law, Hall of Fame speaker, storyteller, motivational rabble-rouser
    and author of “Alvin’s Laws of Life: 5 Steps to Overcome Anything”

  4. hcutler

    From analyzing your organization’s effectiveness, to uncovering blind spots, to developing inner grit to strategizing changes for growth and effectiveness, Cutler shows the way and offers simple, yet effective tools. Give your perspective on organizational functioning an overall and tune-up by reading Get F.I.T. Go Far!
    Patricia Morgan MA CCC
    professional speaker, therapeutic counsellor, resiliency expert

    and author of “From Woe To Wow: How Resilient Women Succeed at Work”

  5. hcutler

    There is no shortage of books that purport to provide the answers to the problems ailing organizations today, many of which are filled with theoretical, abstract concepts too difficult to implement. I found that Get F.I.T. Go Far is not one of those books.

    I appreciate that Herky is a proponent of real-world recommendations that individuals and organizations can put into practice.  He has drawn on his many years of experience in varied circumstances to create an easy-to-read book that provides practical advice for leaders interested in effecting change.

    Dana Terry, Deputy Chief, Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services

  6. hcutler

    I absolutely enjoyed reading this book! The ‘real’ speak is refreshing and Herky Cutler delivers it in a genuinely caring fashion. The content is thought provoking and hits the key strategies that leaders need to contemplate and execute to be effective. 

    As a training provider/organizer, Herky’s book opened my eyes and provided me insight to better understand what drives a leader and how leaders can impact their organizations success.  Get F.I.T. Go Far is a paramount read that will create a springboard for anyone in a leadership role or aspiring to be.  Get ready, to get real!

    Franca Best, Program Development Supervisor, Calgary Board of Education

  7. hcutler

    Herky provides a unique perspective on organizational fitness. He leverages a wealth of personal experiences to provide plenty of anecdotal material to support his insights. This not only gives credibility to his ideas, it also makes the book an interesting and easy read.

    He has provided a wealth of information and tools that you can use to make and keep your organization more F.I.T. The book can easily serve as a manager’s handbook. Each chapter tackles a different aspect of organizational fitness that can be referred to individually as often as required. If you are in a leadership role; team leader, manager, supervisor, senior executive this book is a ‘must’ to have and read. 

    Joel Sweeney, Owner and Founder of Professionally Speaking
    and author of “The Speaker’s Tool Box ”

  8. hcutler

    As a growing leader within my company I found extreme value in this book. For any leader or influencer within a company, from employee to owner, this book is invaluable. The author’s approach to organizational performance really puts humanity back at the center of leadership.

    This combined with real life experiences, research to back it, and tools that are practical and realistic to implement provides a comprehensive attainable approach for anyone wanting to grow themselves and their company. And on top of that its an extremely engaging read!

    Emily Bemrose, DVM

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