Bringing in an external consultant to facilitate activities can be very beneficial for an organization. A good facilitator can help maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and provide a unique perspective to organizational concerns and issues.

Struggling with your organizational purpose or strategic plan?

Are your staff working as well as they could be together?

Do your meetings inspire the desired results?

Are there delicate issues in your workplace that need to be addressed?


“I was very impressed with Herky’s style of facilitation. The initial brainstorming sessions that were conducted in smaller groups allowed employees to get to the roots of employee concerns/conflicts, but they also allowed employees the opportunity to explore the positive aspects of the society.

Herky then took all of the information from these smaller sessions and came up with a number of core issues that employees needed to address. The follow-up session in January brought all of the groups together to discuss the issues they had been given and to look at what solutions had been proposed and/or implemented. I feel that these sessions have created a solid base that the society can use to hopefully build a stronger team dynamic.”

  James Woodall, Executive Director, Crowsnest Community Support Society


Herky Facilitating a Workshop on Using Music to Engage Clients/Students

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump Testimonial

Generation “Y” In The Workplace

Many organizations struggle with how to deal with their Generation “Y” employees, and many young people fail to see how they can contribute their skills to organizations. This DVD represents a project that Herky facilitated to help young workers fit into organizations more effectively and to help organizations learn how to manage young people to maximize their strengths and talents.