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Herky believes that organizations play a key role in shaping the present and the future, in terms of how we do business, how we live, how we treat each other, and how we serve others. Herky also believes that organizations would like to do a better job at engaging their employees, providing exceptional customer service, and building cohesive teams. If you want to move your organization from ordinary, to extraordinary, give Herky a call. Herky helps organizations become extraordinary in the following ways, as a;


Bringing in an external consultant to facilitate activities can be very beneficial for an organization. A good facilitator can help maximize efficiency, increase productivity...

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Leaders sometimes find themselves "in the trees" and have difficulty getting clarity on what's really going on in their organizations. It can also be "lonely at the top" so it's good practice for leaders to have a coach they...

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Extraordinary organizational performance requires lifelong learning which means that staff and management training is an integral part of the operation. Not just any training will do however...

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Herky has produced a variety of writing, sharing his experiences, knowledge, and outlook on the workplace and life in general, including his book on Leadership and Organizational...

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Looking for a Speaker on Leadership, Issues in the Workplace, or Career Development? Herky provides cutting-edge content along with a unique presentation style that engages, and moves, audiences to take action...

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"Get F.I.T. Go Far..." Check Out Herky’s Book!!

“Get F.I.T. Go Far is a paramount read that will create a springboard for anyone in a leadership role or aspiring to be.”


Franca Best, Program Development Supervisor, Calgary Board of Education

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Herky works with a variety of organizations in both the public and the private sectors, in addition to government and educational institutions. For a complete list of clients, click on any of the logos.


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Does your organization need a good dose of F.I.T.?

Future | Identity | Team

Herky has divided his book into these 3 sections, and he believes that if organizations are willing to strengthen these areas, they will indeed become more F.I.T.

Does your organization have a strategic plan to prepare for the future?
Is there a career development program in place so staff know what career goals they are working towards?
Is your organization developing leaders for the future today?

Does your organization have a mission statement and a set of values that it operates from?
Can you identify what your organizational culture is?
Would the vast majority of your customers recommend you to others?

Is your team as productive as you would like them to be?
Does your team put customer service above all else in the workplace?
Does your team have fun in the workplace and get along with each other?

So, how does your organization rate?

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What Are People Saying?

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Heather Lussier
People & Culture Advisor | Alberta Central

"Dynamic. Energetic. Humorous. Inspiring. Herky Cutler provides all of the above in his training sessions and delivers the organizational message in uniquely powerful ways. From getting employees to produce creative songs from scratch, getting 100% participation in a blindfolded trust walk around a 4 story building, to designing a parade float where they demonstrated newly acquired collaboration techniques, our employees leave each of Herky’s delightfully motivating development sessions with learnings they can easily apply back in the office environment.

Herky’s enthusiastic yet easygoing approach ensures participants remain engaged throughout the session and prompts thought-provoking dialogue that stretches the building blocks of their learning. I would highly recommend Herky for any of your organization’s learning and development needs.”




Jordan Brown
President, J.J. Brown Foods (McDonald’s Restaurants)

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to get to know and work with Herky over the last few years. As an Operator for McDonald's Restaurant's in Southern AB I can wholeheartedly endorse that the training that I and my team have received from Herky has had a positive impact on our lives as well as our business results. His love for people is evident the moment you first say hello when he asks how you're doing - he truly actually cares about your answer and will hold you accountable to the words you say. I believe this is an example of what sets Herky above the other trainers I've worked with in the past. He uses his ability to connect with people in a special way with all the individuals that he's training which builds a unique level of trust and engagement to participate and learn more. Herky's training doesn't just apply to business, but also how to be a better person in life. He will challenge your ways of thinking in a caring and fun way and through it your mind will grow. And when you take action with the learnings from the training, so will your impact on those around you as well as improving your business results.

My team always looks forward to our next session with Herky and they know it will not only be a fun but also a time we step out of our comfort zones to grow our leadership skills so be can be better together."

Adam Grose
Manager of Recreation Services | Town of Pincher Creek

“We had 16 swimming pool staff (lifeguards, instructors, front desk staff and management) attend Herky’s ½ day training session. These employees ranged in age from 15 years of age to 23 years of age. Herky was very well planned for this training, and kept the participants engaged throughout the session, and at the end the staff felt it could have gone even longer.

“I was amazed at the quality and depth of the discussions and the conversations that were generated by Herky’s training through his well thought out plan. I feel that both staff and management came out of the session with a better understanding of different generations in the workplace, and I would recommend Herky for a training session in the future.”


Angie Zuba
Executive Officer | Canadian Home Builders’ Association | Lethbridge Region

“Herky spoke to my association on generational differences in the workplace and I have to say that his material was amazing. Herky was able to learn about our association and utilize that knowledge to make the material relatable which made it that much more enjoyable. Listeners walked away thinking about the presentation and the feedback I received was that they were actually putting the material into action in the workplace. This tells me that we chose the right presenter with the right skills to engage our membership.”

Pearl Loewen
Human Resources Manager | Bennett Jones SLP

"Herky is engaging, energetic, and enthusiastic about helping people learn and grow to become their best selves. His facilitation and presentation skills made the training immensely practical and relevant. He is creative, displays a warm sense of humour, and was fully present to each member of the team. Thank you, Herky, for your inspiration and investment in the wellbeing of our organization’s leaders. As one participant’s evaluation stated so succinctly, ‘Please come back!’”


Levi Little Moustache
Youth Programs Officer | Blood Tribe Employment & Skills Training

“I first met Herky when he was teaching our group of employees to become certified career development practitioners. It was then that I realized he was great at what he does. I have been utilizing Herky since then to facilitate 1-2 day workshops for our Youth Programs at Blood Tribe Employment & Skills Training. Herky’s energy, motivation, and genuine approach to career development make for a very inspirational workshop to have for clients who need clarity in developing their career path.”

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