Looking for a Speaker on Organizational Fitness, Leadership, Issues in the Workplace, or Career Development? Herky would be glad to customize a program that works for you. 


When you hire Herky as a speaker, he guarantees at least 3 things;


1) He will push some buttons and take people out of their comfort zone

2) He will engage your audience and keep most of them awake

3) He will offer concrete and innovative ways to effect change in your organization


Sample Keynotes (45-75 minutes)

Organizational Fitness: Get F.I.T…Go Far!


Of the original Forbes 100 companies established in 1917, only 61 were still in existence 70 years later, and of the remaining 39, only 18 companies were in the top 100 (Michael Beer, 2002).

Organizations that do not adapt with the times become unfit and will not survive.

What are the factors in your organization that help or hinder Organizational Fitness?

How can you determine how fit your organization is?

What do the leaders in your organization need to do to promote Organizational Fitness?

Participants will take away;

  • A definition of Organizational Fitness
  • An understanding of what factors contribute to Organizational Fitness
  • How to assess the level of fitness in your organization
  • What managers/leaders can do to promote Organizational Fitness


“FEP”: We All Have It And It May Kill Us!


Everything we currently do in our lives is a reflection of what we have experienced and what we have learned up to this point. Our skills, our values, our interests and our passion all play a role in how we walk in this world, how we interact with others, and how we do work.
All of us have some degree of the FEP “disease” within us, and it affects how we make decisions, how we treat people, and whether or not we move forward in our lives, in our organizations, and in our careers. But FEP isn’t necessarily a bad thing when we know what it is and how to use it to our advantage.

Do you feel you need to be a more powerful decision maker in your life or in your work?

Are you aware of any barriers that create difficulty when communicating with others, trying to move forward in your life, or developing trusting personal and business relationships?


Do you want to be a better leader?

Participants will take away;

  • Knowing what FEP is
  • An awareness of the impact FEP has on their lives and in their work
  • Strategies to use FEP to their advantage to create powerful relationships, make better decisions and develop leadership skills


The Organizational Misfit: Creating Chaos Or Brilliance?


Organizations spend a lot of time and money trying to ensure that the employees they attract “fit in” to the organizational culture, share organizational values, and are working on the same page so to speak. The organizational “misfit” then is sometimes seen as a trouble maker, an organizational liability, or someone who is getting in the way of organizational progress.


Does your organization have any “misfits?”

How does your organization cope with these people?

What are some of the advantages of having “misfits” in your organization?

Participants will take away;

  • What an organizational “misfit” is
  • Why organizations should actually try to recruit “misfits”
  • How “misfits” can contribute to making organizations better

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