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Why Have a Coach At All?


Because they WORK!  Check out the stats in this infographic…

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Leadership Coaching

Leaders sometimes find themselves “in the trees” and have difficulty getting clarity on what’s going on in their organizations. It can also be “lonely at the top,” so it’s good practice for leaders to have a coach to bounce ideas off of, be their mirror, and provide answers to hard questions.

Reasons to Invest in Leadership Coaching

The #1 reason employees leave organizations is because of YOU…their immediate supervisor.

Isn’t that enough incentive for you to investigate a coaching relationship? No? Then here are some other benefits to having a leadership coach…

  • Develop a corporate culture that is inspiring
  • Foster a mentoring mentality in the workplace
  • Build dynamic and effective teams
  • Increase employee retention and engagement
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn how to motivate and inspire staff
  • Decrease stress levels among staff
  • Develop future leaders
  • Be a better coach yourself 

What Are People Saying About Herky as a Leadership Coach?

Jordan Brown

Owner / Operator, JJ Brown Food Services LTD
McDonald’s Restaurants, Brooks | Taber | Coaldale, AB

 “I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to know and work with Herky over the last few years. As an Operator for McDonald’s Restaurants in Southern AB, I can wholeheartedly endorse that the training that I and my team have received from Herky have had a positive impact on our lives as well as our business results.

His love for people is evident the moment you first say hello when he asks how you’re doing – he truly actually cares about your answer and will hold you accountable to the words you say. I believe this is an example of what sets Herky above the other trainers I’ve worked with in the past. He uses his ability to connect with people in a special way with all the individuals that he’s training which builds a unique level of trust and engagement to participate and learn more.

Herky’s training doesn’t just apply to business, but also how to be a better person in life. He will challenge your ways of thinking in a caring and fun way and through it your mind will grow. And when you take action with the learnings from the training, so will your impact on those around you as well as improve your business results.

My team always looks forward to our next session with Herky and they know it will not only be a fun but also a time we step out of our comfort zones to grow our leadership skills so be can be better together.”

And here are some other reasons why Herky would make a great Leadership Coach for you…


Herky has also written a book on Leadership…Check it out!

Career Development Coaching

Calling All Career Practitioners! 

Do you sometimes feel like you’re working all alone?

Ever second-guess decisions you’ve made with your clients?

Do you feel that you’re the best practitioner you can be?

Why not get a Coach for you?

What are the benefits of having a Career Development Coach?


What Are People Saying About Herky as a Career Development Practitioner Coach?

Brenda Slomka

Assistant Director Student Affairs, University of Northern British Columbia

This was by far the best session for me @cannexus – being asked to engage and risk myself & to consider what it means to be an “artist” at work. Sometimes you need to find that session that allows you to be a better version of yourself so that you can then be a better career practitioner.”

And some other reasons why Herky would make a great Career Development Practitioner Coach…


What Are My Coaching Options?

1-1 leadership coaching
Group leadership coaching with your senior staff
1-1 career development practitioner coaching
Group career practitioner coaching
Zoom, phone, and/or face-to-face
Short or long term contracts

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